Even if you don’t own your home, you still need insurance to protect your personal property. Farmers Fire has the coverage you need to ensure that in the event of a loss you’ll be protected. Farmers Fire offers policies that provide Replacement Cost Coverage, which pays for the cost to replace your personal property with brand new items when destroyed by a covered loss.

Have a piece of property of high value that needs covered? Have this item specifically listed on your policy to ensure that it is covered to the full value. All specifically scheduled items are NOT subject to a deductable. Typical items to schedule are engagement rings and other jewelry, musical instruments, or any other items near and dear to you.

Click here to see what special limits apply to the Renters Insurance Program.

Renters insurance offers more than just coverage for your personal belongings. It also includes coverage to pay for any expenses you incur as a result of having to stay out of your house while repairs of a covered loss are being completed. For example, if a claim damages your kitchen so that you can’t cook, we’ll cover the extra expense so that you can eat out or order in. If your home becomes damaged so that it is unlivable, we’ll cover the cost to stay elsewhere.

Also included in a renters insurance policy through Farmers Fire is personal liability coverage, which includes both liability coverage and covers the cost of attorney fees incurred on your behalf in the event that a lawsuit is filed against you for a covered loss.

** All types of coverage explained above are subject to the terms and conditions detailed within the policy. Please read your policy to best understand the coverage your policy provides, or contact your agent.