How to Report a Claim

In the event that you need to submit a claim under your insurance policy, please contact your local independent agent and advise them that you have a claim to file. Your agent will assist you in filing your claim.

Not sure what your agent’s phone number is? Use the agent search to look up your local independent agent.

What happens after your claim has been reported?

Protect your property from further damage:

As the homeowner/business owner, you need to remember that it is your duty to prevent the damage from worsening, if possible, after the loss has been discovered. If you feel that you need to take action to protect your property before an adjuster is able to contact you, please do so and save any cost documentation to submit with your claim.

    - For example, if wind damaged your roof and the forecast calls for rain, we’ll cover the cost to have a roofer come and provide a temporary patch for the roof or to cover the roof with a tarp to prevent water from leaking into the building. Simply save the bill to present with your claim.

Contact a contractor to provide an estimate for repairs:

By having an estimate to turn into your adjuster or directly to your agent, you’ll help speed up the claim process. This will also help make sure that the amount paid for your claim will be sufficient to cover the actual cost of repairs.